March 13th, 2020

Fresh Favourites: 5 For Friday

Have a great weekend! Maybe you have a quiet weekend in mind? All the better for hunkering down and cooking some comfort food. Or definitely the time to watch some films, TV shows, and TED Talks (!) like this one: The Science of Spiciness. Or what about finally organizing your kitchen cabinets? Get some inspiration from these pantry transformations. 

Here are a few of our favourite foodie links from around the web:

“Many little bits of things — a spoonful of applesauce, a few green beans, a few little candies, etc — are more appetizing than three items in quantity”

  • This week, we met in My Farm Boy Favourites and I talked to you about my beloved Farm Boy Stuffed Mushrooms, so you won’t be surprised that I’m very interested in making this delicious Stuffed Pepper Soup. I would make a double batch and freeze some to eat throughout the week!

  • Have you ever heard of choripan? This juicy, crispy, chorizo sandwich with a sharp, tangy, herbal dressing of chimichurri. So simple and so perfect! Our smoky Farm Boy Artisan Chorizo Sausage would be perfect for this! The whole dish will transport you right to the streets of Buenos Aires!
  • If you’re planning on laying low this weekend and in coming weeks, why not start a project! Have a read through this incredible, thorough guide to making homemade ice cream. They run through everything. With and without eggs, no churn, a surprising Sicilian addition, how to flavour your bases, correct methods for add-ins! Truly the essential guide.
  • Speaking of ice cream, if the homemade route seems more involved than what you’ve signed up for, why not pick up a pint of the newest Ben & Jerry’s flavour — Netflix and Chilld – peanut butter, fudge, brownies, pretzels…does it get much better?

(Muffin tin photo via Cup of Jo. Pepper soup photo via The Kitchn.)


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