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January 17th, 2020

Fresh Favourites: 5 For Friday

Have an amazing weekend! Any big eating plans for the next few days? We are excited to be in the kitchen, cooking FISH! Maybe you’ve seen, but in case you haven’t, we’ve just launched beautiful pieces of frozen fish – jewel-pink tuna, meaty halibut, and buttery black cod.  Be on the lookout for our recipe and serving suggestions coming up in the next couple of weeks. 

Here are a few of our favourite foodie links from around the web:

  • Have you ever heard of (or eaten!) Yakamein? A New Orleans staple (by way of China) – a saucy, soupy bowl of Cajun-spiced broth, noodles, beef, and hard boiled eggs. Sounds delicious. 


  • One of my favourite articles of 2019 was this look at how, in some prisons, items from the commissary are turned into rudimentary birthday cakes for fellow inmates. A creative challenge if I’ve ever heard of one. And a heartwarming look into a world we can often only imagine.

(Granola photo via Minimalist Baker. Yakamein photo via Garden & Gun.)


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