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March 11th, 2020

My Farm Boy Favourites: Emily

Welcome to My Farm Boy Favourites, a peek into the shopping baskets of Farm Boy’s own employees. From our front-of-the-line store managers and team members, to our test kitchen chefs, and all the people who fill our offices behind the scenes, we each have a list of go-to Farm Boy products that are always on our shopping lists. So get ready for a look at what we like, love, and can’t get enough of! We hope you get some inspiration and maybe you’ll find out a little extra insider information…

This week, we’re talking to…well, me! I’m Emily. I am the force behind this blog and a good portion of the copy and creative content you see throughout our stores, on our website, and more. I’ve been shopping at Farm Boy for years – long before I worked here, so I’ve had a lot of time to figure out my must-haves. Take a walk through our Trainyards store with me, and see what I’ve been adding to my grocery list.

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Cosmic Crisp Apples

“I learned about these apples a couple of weeks ago and just had to try them! I love to have apples in my fridge for just snacking, but also for making my Apple Cider Oatmeal – a favourite in my house. The Cosmic Crisp is named “cosmic” because it has white speckles that kind of look like galaxies dotted all over their skins. They’re a modern variety, bred in Washington – actually a lot of new apples varieties are bred there.” 

“What I look for in apples are that they are firm, crunchy and sweet, with good acidity, and a super long shelf life! I usually love a Honeycrisp – and these Cosmic Crisps are also very good if you have the same taste in apples. They also apparently last for months and months in the fridge.”

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Farm Boy Creamed Honey

“Raw honey feels kind of like an everyday luxury. We have a few varieties of our Farm Boy Honey and I love them all. The Buckwheat is amazing, but I especially love the Creamed Honey. I always have a jar on hand. It’s bee-friendly, and buying it helps support Canadian beekeepers too – maybe you read about our honey on Meet the Maker.” 

“The creamed honey is rich, raw, and I mostly use it on toast with good butter. Other than that I stir a little bit into my coffee or tea, and if you use it in cooking, it pairs well with strong flavours like hot sauce or sharp cheese like Parmesan.” 

“Or – game changer – warm it up with salted butter and put it on biscuits, cornbread and popcorn. Oh it’s so good on popcorn.”

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Farm Boy Stuffed Mushrooms

“I’ve been buying these for years. They’re filling and so delicious, gluten free, and hands-off. And not too heavy because they’re packed into…a mushroom. The stuffed peppers are equally good. You throw them in the oven for 25 minutes and they’re done. My son loves them, and on really busy days they’re a lifesaver. All you need is a salad or a side of green veggies and you’re all set.” 

“When I toured our factory, this was one of the items that surprised me. Our Executive Chef showed me how all the different elements of these stuffed mushrooms come from different parts of the plant – sausage, mushrooms, rice, tomato sauce, cheese – so they’re labour intensive. I hadn’t thought about the behind-the-scenes of so many of our products until that moment, and seeing the process was completely eye-opening.”

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Farm Boy Fresh Pestos

“My one-year-old son eats this pesto every day in an omelette. We have really good pestos at Farm Boy – a vegan one, this classic one, a red pepper one too! I love having at least one of them on hand for pasta, eggs, or even doing something like mixing it with mayonnaise for a great sandwich spread.”

“Or sometimes I’ll thin it out with a little extra olive oil and maybe a little vinegar and drizzle it over those jarred, roasted red peppers and some feta for a salad-type dish that looks way more impressive than it is. That’s really what I like to focus on [laughs] little shortcuts to make things seem way more fancy or involved than they actually are.” 

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Farm Boy Double Roasted Hazelnuts 

“If you’ve read our Meet the Maker series, you’ll already know this, but I love the Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts. The roasted hazelnuts get covered in a layer of dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. They are so decadent. So good.” 

“And the great thing is – for someone like me with a huge sweet tooth – you can just eat one or two and get your chocolate fix since the quality is excellent. These have a permanent place on my top shelf.”

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Farm Boy Sprouted Blends

“These are new to us, we have four different types of sprouted grains that are basically zhuzh-ed up with some herbs and red peppers. I love the quinoa and buckwheat – I’ve thrown them into my pressure cooker with some broth and they are ready in 10 minutes. You can also cook them, let cool, and toss with some chopped veggies and a salad dressing for a really easy lunch.” 

“Sprouting grains makes their nutrients easier for your body to access – so vitamins and minerals are easier to absorb. Even if that wasn’t the case, I’d still buy these because they’re so easy and yummy.”

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Farm Boy Hummus

“Our hummuses are incredible. I love the Beet Hummus. I mean, look at that colour! Pure fuschia! It makes you feel good just looking at it. It’s not too acidic either, and I find a lot of beet hummus can get really sharp or acidic. This one is just smooth and creamy with a little sweetness and a little depth.” 

“The Authentic Lebanese Hummus is – again- something my baby loves to eat! Who knew? He even says the word “hummus” now. It’s so light and smooth. You know that trick where you do homemade hummus and pour in ice water while it’s blending to make it so smooth? This tastes like that. I love it as part of a veggie breakfast with eggs and toast and guacamole and pickled onions. So good.”  

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Farm Boy Spicy Eda-Yummy Dip 

“If you can’t see by now…I kind of live in the “dips” section. The Eda-Yummy is a cult favourite dip for us – it’s one of those “if you know, you know” products. It’s good on crackers, tortilla chips, and fresh cut veggies, but I think it’s exceptional with pork.” 

“I like to smear a big spoonful of it onto a bun with our Farm Boy Pulled Pork and some sharp, gingery-sesame coleslaw.”

Farm Boy Pineapple Salsa

“Another dip! Except I actually never use this as a dip, I use it as a topping on fish – any white fish – and chicken. Glaze some chicken with soy and honey and lime, grill it, and top with this salsa. Truly the easiest, most delicious upgrade.” 

“It’s another one of those shortcuts I love. I mean…do you want to spend your whole evening dicing up onions and pineapples into teeny tiny pieces? I definitely don’t. This is key for barbecue season. Oh I bet it would be really good on a grilled sausage on a bun too.”

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Thanks for joining along to shop for my Farm Boy favourites. Maybe you found something new to try or add to your own list! I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products or what your favourites are. See you next time.


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