Freshest, Highest Quality Produce Every Day

When you ask a loyal Farm Boy customer why they keep coming back to our stores, one of the answers that you’ll hear repeated is “they have the best produce!” Having started as a small market selling only fresh produce, it’s in our roots and where our passion began. Our buyers are at the markets every morning, finding the best quality fruits and vegetables at the best prices. Their relentless dedication to freshness, value and quality is what has earned our customers’ trust and made us their number one choice for fresh produce. Walk into one of our stores and experience the difference for yourself.

Our buyers work directly with the farmers, guaranteeing that we get the best quality product at the best value for our customers. We work hard to develop strong relationships with our suppliers, ensuring that they have an understanding of our values and expectations for the best quality produce, which in turn helps them grow their business. This approach applies to our wide selection of conventional produce items as well as our growing array of organic products.


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