What is Challah?

If you’re not familiar, challah is a rich egg bread traditionally enjoyed on the Jewish Sabbath and holidays. It’s made in various sizes and shapes, each holding specific significance, and is often braided or twisted. For Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, challah loaves are traditionally baked in a round shape and are often made with a slightly sweeter dough spotted with raisins to welcome a sweet new year (we’ll be carrying this special holiday challah through all of September).

Ways to Use Challah Bread

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Jewish holidays, challah bread is simply delicious. If you’ve never tried it, you have been missing out on some seriously soft, fluffy goodness!  

We carry challah from Rideau Bakery – a beloved Ottawa-based kosher bakery with nearly 90 years in the business of baking tasty, quality goods! Their age-old recipes have stood the test of time and have created a following within the local community.

If, at this point, we haven’t swayed you to give challah a try, then perhaps these ideas for how to enjoy it will!

1. Challah French Toast Bake

Treat yourself to a decadent weekend brunch! You can use fresh challah to make this rich French toast bake, but this is also a great dish for using up leftover challah bread you may have.

You’ll need:


  • Grease a 9×13 baking dish and spread your challah cubes evenly into the dish.
  • Create your French toast egg mixture by combining all the other ingredients, then pour evenly over the cubed challah bread.
  • Refrigerate for an hour or overnight, then bake at 350 for 45 min-1 hr until golden brown with the egg mixture cooked through.
  • Top with fresh berries or your favourite fruit & drizzle with Farm Boy™ Pure Ontario Maple Syrup.

2. Toasted Brisket Sandwich

Challah Brisket Sandwich

The richness of doughy challah bread lends beautifully to so many sandwiches. Honesty, you could breathe new life into a plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich just by using challah. 

But the slight sweetness of the dough would pair particularly well with something a tad acidic, like a smoked brisket sandwich topped with tangy, creamy coleslaw, pickled onion, and crispy shallots. 

Butter and grill a couple of slices of challah in a pan so that they’re nice and golden on one side. Then layer on few slices of smoked brisket and brush them with a little Farm Boy™ Maple BBQ Sauce.

Prep a quick coleslaw by combining some of our shredded cabbage (bagged), salt, pepper, and our Apple Cider Coleslaw Dressing. Add some slaw to your sandwich along with some pickled red onions, and crispy shallot for a little crunch. 

Top with your other slice of grilled challah, give it a nice press down, and serve with one of a Farm Boy™ Organic Whole Dill Pickle

3. Apple, Brie & Cheddar Challah Grilled Cheese

Ways to enjoy challah" Rideau Bakery challah

Sweet meets savoury meets spice in this gourmet challah grilled cheese.

You’ll need:


  • Cut a couple of thick slices of challah bread and spread some Farm Boy™ Mayonnaise on one side of each slice (yes, trust us). 
  • Bring a pan to medium heat and place one slice of bread onto it, mayo side down. 
  • Add a little sliced cheddar, a drizzle of honey, a sprinkle of chili flake, a layer of thinly sliced apples, then finally, your sliced brie. Top with your other slice of challah – mayo side up. 
  • Cook until golden brown on each side, carefully flipping.

4. Whipped Ricotta Challah Toast

Ricotta Challah Toast

Move over avocado toast – ricotta toast is having its moment! 

Pick up a container of fresh ricotta and whip in a mixer or process in a food processor for 1-2 minutes until smooth. 

Toast up a thick slice of challah and generously spread them with your whipped ricotta. Now it’s time to get creative with your toppings. 

Try a simple version with some fresh lemon zest, drizzled honey, and a few basil leaves. You could even use our Chef Recipe for Whipped Honey Lemon Ricotta for this version. 

Take advantage of our fresh Niagara peaches while they’re in season, and top your toast with some juicy peach slices, a few slices of prosciutto, and cracked pepper. 

You could even top with garlic roasted cherry tomatoes, balsamic, flaky salt, and pepper. 

The possibilities for delicious ricotta toast are endless, and challah makes the perfect fluffy base for whatever toppings your heart desires.

Whether you test out one of the above ways to enjoy challah bread, or you simply serve it warmed and buttered with your meal, we promise you will not be disappointed! Visit your nearest Farm Boy today to pick up your Rideau Bakery challah bread. 

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