Weekly Specials List

Tart Squares
Farm Boy Key Lime,Butter,Pecan,Maple Walnut or Raisin 450 g pkg of 6 $4.49 pkg
Rhubarb Crumb Cake
Farm Boy 475 g $4.99 ea
Italian Panini
420 g pkg of 6 $1.99 ea
Homestyle Cookies
9 Varieties Fresh Baked 12 regular or 24 mini cookies per pkg 260 - 400 g $3.99 pkg
Flax Bread
454 g $3.49 ea
Farm Boy Asiago,Cranberry Pumpkin & Sea Salt or Sesame 150 g $3.99 ea
Cinnamon Rolls
Farm Boy 375 g pkg of 6 $3.99 ea
Belgian Bread
Old-Fashioned 500 g Baked in store $2.49 ea
Old Amsterdam Cheese
Holland Cut fresh in store $5.99 100g
Manitoba Bothwell 100% Whole Canadian Milk 170 g $4.99 ea
Canada Agropur All Varieties Cut or sliced fresh in store $1.99 100g
Double Cream Brie
Canada Emma Made with 100% Canadian milk Cut fresh in store $2.99 100g
Beau’s Abbey Style Beer Washed Cheese
Ontario Gunn's Hill Cut fresh in store $4.99 100g
2 Year Old Cheddar
Canada Pine River Cut or sliced fresh in store $2.99 100g
Fresh Salads
Farm Boy 165 - 250 g Made Fresh Daily 2/ $10.00 ea or 5.00 ea
Roasted Chicken Drumsticks, Legs or Thighs
Farm Boy Available in the Hot Case $0.99 100g
Garden Fresh Gazpacho
946 ml Made from scratch in our kitchen $6.99 ea
Steakhouse Dressings
Farm Boy 473 ml $3.99 ea
Probotic Bio-K
Bio-K 6x98 g $19.99 ea
Organic Milk 3.8%
Organic Meadow 4 L $8.99 ea
Frozen Vegetabes
Green Organic 300 g - 500 g $3.99 ea
Amy's 227 g - 284 g $5.99 ea
Prosciutto Cotto
Ontario Country Meats Sliced fresh in store $1.79 100g
Ontario Schinkel's Legacy Sliced fresh to order $2.49 100g
Pancetta Roll
Canada Mild or hot $3.99 100g
Oven Roasted Turkey
Ontario Country Meats Available in Buffalo Style, Sriracha Oven Roasted or Tomato Basil Sliced fresh in store $2.49 100g
Canada Brandt Meats Lean and Extra Lean Sliced fresh in store $1.29 100g
Italian Prosciutto
Italy Imported Sliced fresh in store $2.99 100g
Black Forest Ham
Canada Brandt Meats Sliced fresh in store at our deli counter $1.49 100g
Wild Cod Fillets
Canada/USA Previously Frozen wild, boneless $9.99 lb 22.02 kg
Jumbo Raw Cooked Shrimp
Farm Boy frozen 340g 21-27 shrimp per pound $8.99 pkg
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Steaks
Canada $7.99 lb 17.61 kg
Extra Jumbo Cooked Shrimp
Farm Boy frozen 340g 21-25 shrimp per pound $8.99 pkg
Venus Fly Trap
2.5" pot $6.99 ea
Organic Milk
Organic Meadow 4 L $8.99 ea
IOGO 650 g all varieties $1.99 ea
Texas Style Buns
Farm Boy hot dog (6's) or hamburger (8's) 2/ $5.00 or $2.50 ea
Stone Baked Frozen Pizza
Farm Boy Four Cheese, Meat Supreme, Pepperoni or Vegetable 330-375 g $4.49 ea
Spring Water
Flow Water 500 ml 4/ $5.00 or $1.25 ea
Slim Cans
Perrier 10x250 ml or 6x500 ml natural or flavoured $5.49 pkg
Pretzel Crisps
The Snack Company 200 g $3.49 ea
Organic Pasta
NuPasta 210 g $3.29 ea
Organic Cereals
Nature's Path 750 - 907 g $7.99 ea
Farm Boy 370 ml 2/ $6.00 or $3.00 ea
Libertre Greek Yogurt
Libertre 4x100 g all varieties $2.99 ea
Calypso 591ml 2/ $4.00 or $2.00 ea
Large Omega-3 Free Run Eggs
Canada Burnbrae Farms 1 dozen $4.99 ea
Rise 414 ml $2.99 ea
Liberte 1 L $3.99 ea
Granola Bars
Made Good 5x24 g $3.49 ea
Flat Bread
Flat Out 255 g - 399 g $2.99 ea
Crisps Chips
Spokes 80 g $3.49 ea
Cranberry Raspberry or Mango Raspberry
Farm Boy 1.75 Litres $4.99 ea
Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Farm Boy 480 g $3.99 ea
Chocolate Crunch
Road Crew 113 g $3.99 ea
NuPak 540 ml $0.99 ea
Apple Cider Vinegar
Farm Boy 945 ml $4.49
Whole Beef Tenderloin
Cut from Canada AAA Beef Aged a minimum 14 days Cryovac Package Only $14.99 lb 33.05 kg
Turkey Burgers
Ontario Hayter's Farm Available in 2 varieties 448 g pkg of 4 $4.99 pkg
Stuffed Peppers or Mushrooms
Farm Boy Fresh Stuffed with Italian Sausage, Brown Rice, Tomato Sauce and Cheddar Cheese $7.99 lb 17.61 kg
Pork Loin Roast
Ontario Fresh Boneless $3.99 lb 8.80 kg
Pork Loin Chop
Ontario Fresh Boneless $3.99 lb 8.80 kg
Organic Pork Sausage
Ontario Fresh Honey Garlic, Hot Italian & Breakfast Certified by Pro-Cert $6.99 lb 17.61 kg
Lean Ground Beef
Canada Fresh Ground Daily In-store $2.99 lb 6.59 kg
Flattened Chicken
Canada Farm Boy $4.49 lb 9.90 kg
Chicken Thigh
Canada Fresh Boneless and Skinless $5.99 lb 13.21 kg
Beef Tenderloin Grilling Steak
Cut from Canada AAA Beef Aged a minimum 14 days $19.99 lb 44.07 kg
Tomatoes on the Vine
Ontario Canada No. 1 Grade $.99 lb 2.18 kg
Sledgers Organic Living Basil
Ontario 2/ $5.00 or 2.50 ea
Red Sweet bell Peppers
Ontario $2.49 lb 5.49 kg
Organic Strawberries
USA No. 1 Grade 1lb (454g) $3.99 ea
Organic Royal Gala Apples
Argentina Fancy Grade $2.49 lb 5.49 kg
Large Sweet Pineapples Whole or Cored
Costa Rica 2/ $5.00 or 2.50 ea
Large Organic Broccoli
USA $2.99 ea
Jumbo Cantaloupes
USA No. 1 Grade $2.99 ea
Juicy Apricots
USA No. 1 Grade $2.49 lb 5.49 kg
Fresh Bunched Spinach
Canada 4/ $5.00 or 1.25 ea
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