Weekly Specials List

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
8 inch, 620 g Baked in store $4.99 ea
Strawberry Blonde Cakes
10 Varieties 235 -330 g $6.49 ea
Pain de Paris
Traditional 375 g Baked fresh in store daily $2.49 ea
Fruit-Filled Danishes
Blueberry ,Cherry and Cream Cheese 590 g pkg of 6 $4.49 pkg
Frosted Cupcakes
Chocolate, Vanilla,Red Velvet, Lemon or Strawberry 400 g pkg of 6 $4.49 pkg
Fresh Baked Muffins
Farm Boy 5 Varieties 430-500 g pkg of 6 $3.99 pkg
Custard Tart
Portuguese 450 g pkg of 6 $6.99 pkg
Chocolate truffle cake
1.3 kg $24.99 ea
Calabrese Buns 6’s
500 g Baked fresh in store $3.49 ea
Asiago Cheese Bread
Farm Boy 370 g $3.99 ea
Buffalo Mozzarella
125 g $7.99 ea
Jarlsberg Cheese
Norway Regular or Light Cut or sliced fresh in store $3.49 100g
Horseradish Cheddar
Canada Bothwell Cut or sliced fresh in store $2.99
Grass Fed Cheddar or Mozzarella
Canada Thornloe Cheese All Varieties 200 g $6.99 ea
Feta Cheese
Canada Canadian Light or Regular Cut fresh in store $1.49 100g
Farmstead Swiss
Ontario Stonetown Artisan Cheese Cut or Sliced fresh in store $2.99 100g
Creamy Brie
Canada L'Extra Cut fresh in store $2.49 100g
Fresh Salads
Farm Boy Available in 5 varieties 200-355 g made fresh in our kitchen $4.99 ea
Fresh Salsa
Farm Boy Pico de Gallo,Pineapple or Corn & Black Bean 225 g $3.99 ea
Homestyle Hummus
Farm Boy Available in Classic,Lemon Garlic,Red Pepper,Roasted Garlic or Spicy 275-300 g 2/ $3.50 ea 7.00
Bottled Water
Ice River 24 Pack $1.99 ea
Turkey Breast Roast
Canada Cuddy Farms All Varieties Sliced fresh in store $1.99 100g
Salami or Sausage
Ontario Noah Martin Selected Varieties 375 g $8.99 ea
Premium Roast Beef
Canada Farm Boy Regular or Montreal Style Sliced fresh in store $3.49 100g
Premium Oven Roasted Chicken
Brandt Meats Sliced fresh to serve $1.99 100g
Polish Style Ham
Ontario Brandt Meats Sliced fresh to serve $1.49 100g
Jumbo Summer Sausage
Schneiders Jumbo Summer and Jumbo Lifestyle $2.99 100g
Dried Cured Salami
Ontario Brandt Meats All Varieties Sliced fresh in store $2.49 100g
Farm Boy Smoked Atlantic Salmon
150g $7.99 pkg
Wild Haddock Fillets
Norway/USA boneless previously frozen $9.99 lb 22.02
Cooked Lobster
Canada 1-1.25 lb/ea $9.99 lb 22.02
6" $6.99 ea
6" pot $6.99 ea
Phale Orchid
4" $9.99 ea
4" pot $9.99 ea
Barbara 285 - 312 g $3.99 ea
Zero Calorie Sodas
Zevia 6x355 ml - 8x355 ml $4.99 ea
Protein Bar
Think Bar 60 g 2/ $4.00 or $2.00 ea
Organic Coffee
Farm Boy 454 g $12.99 ea
Organic Lemonade & Cranberry Raspberry Cocktail
Farm Boy 1.75 Litres $3.99 ea
Garlic Dressing
Garlic Expressions 370 ml $4.99 ea
Fruit and Nut Bars
Farm Boy 200 g $3.99 ea
Protein Bar Case
Think Bar 10x60 g $19.99 pkg
Organic Milk
Farm Boy 946 ml $2.99 ea
Wholly Veggie 300 g $6.99 ea
Weekender Chips
Covered Bridge 284 g $3.49 ea
Canned Beans
Clic 540 g 2/ $5.00
Chunk Light Tuna
Ocean's 170 g 2/ $3.00 or $1.50 ea
Greek Yogurt
Oikos 4x100 g or 4x95 g 3/ $10.00
Vitaman Water
Coke Cola 591 ml 2/ $3.00 or $1.50 ea
Simply Simple 450 g 2/ $5.00 or $2.50 ea
Taco Shells
Fresh Is Best 156 g - 325 g $3.49 pkg
Pulp & Press Organic Pressed Juice
473 ml $6.99 ea
Sparkling Water
La Croix 8x355 ml $4.99 pkg
Gourmet BBQ Sauces
Farm Boy 350 ml $3.99 ea
Almond Beverage
Califia 1.4 L $4.99 ea
Natritional Shakes
Farm Boy 800 g $34.99 ea
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Farm Boy 6x68 g $4.99 ea
Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns
Canada Bread 8's or 6's $2.99 ea
All Natural Peanut Butter
Earth Balance 500 g $4.99 ea
Top Sirloin Medallion
Canada Fresh Cut from Canada AAA beef naturally aged a minimum of 14 days $7.99 lb 17.61
Pork Tenderloin
Ontario Fresh no added salt or water $4.99 lb 11.00
Pork Back Rib
Ontario Fresh no added salt or water $5.99 lb 13.21
Extra Lean Ground Turkey
Ontario Hayter's Farm 450 g $4.99 pkg
Chicken Legs
Canada Fresh Air Chilled, Back Attached $1.99 lb 4.39
Top Sirloin Steak Kebabs
Aged a minimum of 14 days Farm Boy Premium Handmade and cut from Canada AAA beef $8.99 lb 19.82
Bagged Lemons
Argentina 3lbs $3.99 ea
Cocktail Tomatoes
Canada Canada No. 1 Grade 1lb $5.00 2.50
Fresh corn
USA No. 1 Grade Pkg Of 5 $2.99 pkg
Harvest Fresh Chopped Kale
USA 5 different signs in feature box 10oz $2.99 ea
Juicy Blueberries
USA No. 1 Grade Full Pint $2.99 ea
Organic Cooked Beets
France No. 1 Grade 500 g $2.99 pkg
Organic mushrooms need 4 seperate sign see flyer
Canada $5.00 2.99
Organic Red and Green seedless grapes need 1 sign
USA 1 sign for each green and red grape No. 1 Grade $4.99 lb
Romaine Lettuce
Canada $.88 ea
Tommy Mango Cases
Mexico 12 per case $7.99 ea
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