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spacer Barbeque Spare Ribs So easy and so tasty! spacer
spacer Fiesta Guacamole This is a wonderful Guacamole because it spacer
spacer Flank Beef With Lo Bok spacer
spacer Sausage Pasta Salad A great pasta salad made with Italian sa spacer
spacer "Ice Cream" Green Smoothie "A refreshing, healthy drink; this smoot spacer
spacer 3-Peppercorn Scallops and Pasta Elegant meal ... perfect for impressing spacer
spacer 4 Ingredient Pancakes A delicious and easy pancake recipe. spacer
spacer A Slice Of Summer Cheesecake This dessert is light and refreshing. Th spacer
spacer Acorn Squash Rings ...with cranberries and apples! spacer
spacer Acorn Squash Risotto spacer
spacer Alberta Pot Roast Barbara from Russell, Ontario tells us t spacer
spacer Alfredo Shrimp Primavera Serve with your favourite Farm Boy™ Past spacer
spacer Almond & Peach Cobbler This warm cobbler is the perfect summer spacer
spacer Almond Butter Breakfast Wrap This nutritious spin on a breakfast burr spacer
spacer Alpine Ham, Cheese & Asparagus Crêpes spacer
spacer Amazing Lemon Tarragon Dip This dip is wonderful served with fresh spacer
spacer Amazing Taco Dip This recipe is the best party pleaser. P spacer
spacer Ambrosia Salad A great spring side dish!
Pairs nic
spacer Apple & Cinnamon Brown Rice Pudding Laced with cinnamon, raisins, rice and c spacer
spacer Apple Cake A very moist cake, perfect for dessert o spacer
spacer Apple Maple Pork Roast Takes no time to prepare and then you ca spacer
spacer Apple Pecan Pork Chops This delicious stuffed pork chop recipe spacer
spacer Apple Scrounge Recipe Exchange Winner Hilary Jocelyn te spacer
spacer Apple Vegetable Soup This rich twist on vegetable soup can be spacer
spacer Apple-aude! This serves one person generously, try spacer
spacer Applesauce Pork Chops This receipe is also good for ribs and m spacer
spacer Artichoke Dip spacer
spacer Asian Chicken & Vegetable Stir-Fry Delicious! spacer
spacer Asian Sesame Green Beans Fresh green beans gently flavoured with spacer
spacer Asian Sugar Cane Grilled Pork Skewers with Farm Boy™ Thai Chili Sauce "Makes about 20 and is great as an appet spacer
spacer Asparagus Torta spacer
spacer Asparagus With Fresh Herb Dressing spacer
spacer Asparagus with Orange Pistachio Sauce Make with fresh Farm Boy asparagus! spacer
spacer Asparagus with Poached Eggs This is a perfect use for fresh spring a spacer
spacer Asparagus, Mango & Shrimp Salad This salad bursts with fabulous colours spacer
spacer Asparagus, Strawberry & Avocado Salad A light and refreshing salad loaded with spacer
spacer Asparagus, Tomato and Onion Salad This is a tasty and easy to make salad t spacer
spacer Autumn Soup A delectable and tasty aray of fresh veg spacer
spacer Avocado and Crab Dip A simple recipe and one that will be ask spacer
spacer Avocado Tuna Bruschetta Celebrate the warmer weather with brusch spacer
spacer Awesome High Protein Salad to take to Work! This is a HIGH protein salad that will f spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Asparagus on BBQ "This dish pairs perfectly with an eye o spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Chicken Pockets Perfect for backyard grilling. Serves fo spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Pork Tenderloin spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Pork Tasty recipes that leaves pork juicy and spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Enjoy this dish with a Farm Boy™ Greek S spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Potatoes Tasty appetizer or side dish. spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Shrimp A super fast appetizer, the maple bacon spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken with Blue Cheese A great way to impress your guests, the spacer
spacer Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers Easy to make and super simple to scale f spacer
spacer Baggie Ice Cream Fun! This is the perfect recipe for a childre spacer
spacer Baked Beans Delicious served with warm flax bread an spacer
spacer Baked Chicken with Lemon Garlic Wine Sauce Moist, baked chicken that is easy to pre spacer
spacer Baked Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Ginger Delicious light meal and so easy to prep spacer
spacer Baked Feta Dill Eggs "Super flavourful eggs. A great way to s spacer
spacer Baked Italian Salmon Fillets Quick and easy. Serve with wild rice on spacer
spacer Baked Oatmeal Loaf A tasty and healthy breakfast loaf. Slic spacer
spacer Baked Salmon and Dill This is an easy-to-prepare, quick and de spacer
spacer Baked Sausage and Tomatoes spacer
spacer Baked Tilapia Simple but tasty! spacer
spacer Baked Tilapia with Salsa A quick and easy weeknight dinner. Serve spacer
spacer Baked Ziti spacer
spacer Balsamic Chicken Delicious, fast and easy! spacer
spacer Balsamic Chimichurri Grilled Steak spacer
spacer Balsamic Grilled Vegetables A really simple recipe for fresh summer spacer
spacer Banana Bread This banana bread is moist and very flav spacer
spacer Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins These muffins are moist, tasty and kids spacer
spacer Banana Lasagna Dessert Perfect dessert for a bbq crowd or party spacer
spacer Banana, Kiwi and Lychee Spring Rolls A fresh new take on fresh fruits! spacer
spacer Barbecue Pork Side Ribs When cooked properly, ribs are one of th spacer
spacer Barbecued Peaches A delicious way to bring fruit to the ba spacer
spacer Barbecued Tomato Pasta Sauce Fast, easy to prepare. The barbecued tom spacer
spacer Barbeque Spare Ribs Summer means barbecue. Try this recipe spacer
spacer Basil Bocconcini Salad Light summer salad perfect for those hot spacer
spacer BBQ Flank Steak Salad with Lime Coriander Vinaigrette A great main-dish salad to enjoy on thos spacer
spacer BBQ Greek Potatoes Barbecued potato "chips". Delicious serv spacer
spacer BBQ Maple Pork Tenderloin This simple and delicious dish is perfec spacer
spacer BBQ Peppers with Feta Cheese spacer
spacer BBQ Quesadilla Great appetizer or can be served as a me spacer
spacer BBQ Ribs Total cook time approx 3 hours in oven t spacer
spacer BBQ Shrimp Kebabs Quick, easy and perfect for any summer g spacer
spacer BBQ Veggies Easy to prepare and delicious to eat. spacer
spacer BBQ'd Bacon Wrapped Scallops Delicious served as an appetizer, or wit spacer
spacer BBQ'd Beef with Balsamic Marinade Marinating is the key to the best barbec spacer
spacer Bean Bread Soft and tender baked bean bread. spacer
spacer Bean Salad with Artichokes Great salad for entertaining small or la spacer
spacer Beef & Tofu Burger "A healthy choice burger!" says Gerald M spacer
spacer Beef and Cheese Stuffed Jumbo Shells Tasty meal that presents well for guests spacer
spacer Beef Barley Casserole Warm and hearty - sure to become a comfo spacer
spacer Beef Jerky Tender, chewy beef jerky that can be ser spacer
spacer Beef Tenderloins with Mustard Sauce spacer
spacer Beer Can Grilled Chicken Great-tasting and easy grilled chicken d spacer
spacer Berry Delight The fresh taste of summer berries. spacer
spacer Berry Syrup Serve this healthy Canadian syrup on pan spacer
spacer Best Ever Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo This cheesy chicken and shrimp alfredo i spacer
spacer Best Ever Guacamole Perfect for use with fajitas, tacos or spacer
spacer Best Ever Potato Salad A perfect salad for summer. spacer
spacer Best Ever Western Ribs These ribs are very tender and are delic spacer
spacer Best French Toast in the World The name says it all... spacer
spacer Best Kale Salad Ever! Tasty spring salad. spacer
spacer Best Ribs Ever Sweet and tangy ribs for the barbecue. spacer
spacer Best-Ever (Lower Fat) Chocolate Cookies Your family and friends will never know spacer
spacer Big Bang Broccoli Salad A tangy salad with crunch & punch!!! spacer
spacer Big Batch Chili A great idea for kids or parties! It als spacer
spacer Black Bean Brownies A great dessert for those with wheat all spacer
spacer Black Bean Quesadillas A delicious and filling Mexican dish tha spacer
spacer Black Bean Sausage Soup Very easy to prepare. Recipe exchange wi spacer
spacer Bleu Ermite & Butter Pecan Crusted Beef Tenderloin Farm Boy Chef-inspired recipe spacer
spacer Blue Cheese Nut Bites This is an easy recipe, great for blue c spacer
spacer Blue Cheese Sausage Pasta A great tasting pasta with a creamy blue spacer
spacer Blueberry Cornbread A delicious fresh blueberry cornbread th spacer
spacer Blueberry Loaf Perfect for a special occasion or just t spacer
spacer Blueberry Muffins Best with fresh blueberries! spacer
spacer Blueberry Salsa Great with Farm Boy Salmon! spacer
spacer Bogey's Chili This one's for those cold winter days. spacer
spacer Bok Choi Salad spacer
spacer Brandy-Nut Brie Appetizer spacer
spacer Bread Pudding A great dessert or tea time snack. Serv spacer
spacer Breakfast Sausage Frittata Cooks to a wonderful golden crust on the spacer
spacer Brie Mac and Cheese with Cauliflower A cheesy macaroni and cheese with a nice spacer
spacer Brie Ring with Bruschetta Soft warm brie topped with a fresh brusc spacer
spacer Broccoli and Cheddar Soup Makes 4 servings.
spacer Broccoli and Cheddar Soup Makes a great weeknight meal with a sala spacer
spacer Broccoli Casserole So easy and so yummy! spacer
spacer Broccoli Cauliflower Salad A fresh crisp salad that can be made in spacer
spacer Broccoli Salad Crisp broccoli and apples make this ligh spacer
spacer Broccoli Salad with Curry Dressing A delicious combination of ingredients t spacer
spacer Broccoli Stuffed Chicken A healthy and filling stuffed chicken di spacer
spacer Broccoli Three Cheese Quiche This quiche always works. You can prepa spacer
spacer Broccoli with Almonds A Big Hit with family & guests! Curry a spacer
spacer Broccoli-Onion Deluxe spacer
spacer Bruschetta Perfect for a quick and crunchy appetize spacer
spacer Buckwheat Salad Enjoy this healthy salad made with fres spacer
spacer Buffalo Style Pizza spacer
spacer Buffalo Wing Baked Chicken Breast This Buffalo Wing Baked Chicken Breast i spacer
spacer Busy Night Lasagna A perfect dinner for a busy night! spacer
spacer Butternut Maple Bread A moist and flavourful bread that mixes spacer
spacer Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup This is a great fall soup - good for a h spacer
spacer Butternut Squash Cake Creamy. Yummy. Delicious. Healthy. Good spacer
spacer Butternut Squash Casserole This is an excellent side for Thanksgivi spacer
spacer Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese This Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese is a spacer
spacer Butternut Squash Soup This soup combines the sweet flavour of spacer
spacer Butternut Squash Soup A simple, tasty and nutritious soup for spacer
spacer Butternut Squash with Sage spacer
spacer Buttery Garlic Shrimp "A quick (under 30 minutes) main dish" s spacer
spacer Cabbage Roll Casserole Farm Boy Recipe Exchange winner Carole M spacer
spacer Cactus Pear Margarita spacer
spacer Cactus Pear Puree Perfect as a dessert topping! spacer
spacer Cajun Pepper Sausage Pasta spacer
spacer Cajun Pork Roast spacer
spacer Caribbean Chicken Easy to prepare and absolutely delicious spacer
spacer Carolle's Marvelous Mexican Pie Carolle from Ottawa tells us that this r spacer
spacer Carrot & Dill Soup Yummy soup that is perfect for a cold da spacer
spacer Carrot & Rutabaga Puff Hands down, the best root vegetable reci spacer
spacer Carrot Cake This is the quintessential carrot cake r spacer
spacer Carrot Salad Roger Brisson from Cornwall tell us, "I spacer
spacer Carrot, Mango, Ginger Soup The sweet tangy flavours of carrot, mang spacer
spacer Cauliflower Soup Hearty Soup that kids will love and very spacer
spacer Champagne and Mushroom Pork Easy to prepare and is tasty and elegant spacer
spacer Cheddar Bacon Breakfast Muffins Savoury breakfast muffins great for the spacer
spacer Cheese-topped Green Beans with Bacon You would never guess that this is the s spacer
spacer Cheesy Asparagus Almond Casserole A delicious side dish with a combination spacer
spacer Cheesy Baked Tomatoes A quick and easy side dish made with fre spacer
spacer CHEESY BRUSSELS SPROUTS A delicious way to serve brussel sprouts spacer
spacer Cheesy Chicken Dip Great and simple appetizer that is sure spacer
spacer Chessy Garlic Sausage Pasta Chessy Garlic Sausage Pasta spacer
spacer Chicken & Broccoli Salad Perfect for summer picnics. spacer
spacer Chicken & Mushrooms in White Wine Sauce Great tasting easy chicken dish perfect spacer
spacer Chicken & Rice Casserole Serves 3-4. Increase ingredients as req spacer
spacer Chicken & Stuffing Skillet A quick & easy dinner recipe! spacer
spacer Chicken and Black Bean Burritos Quick and tasty Mexican meal that kids w spacer
spacer Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese and Wine Sauce Tasty chicken that goes with any side di spacer
spacer Chicken Breast With Mushroom & Maple Sauce Lemon seasoned chicken with a light mush spacer
spacer Chicken Breasts Grand Marnier If you like orange flavour, you'll love spacer
spacer Chicken Caesar Salad A quick and delicious dish that can easi spacer
spacer Chicken Cheddar Quesadillas spacer
spacer Chicken Con Queso A great dish with a little bite to it. spacer
spacer Chicken Divan Allison Mulvihill from Renfrew Ontario t spacer
spacer Chicken en Papillotte Cooked together and sealed to retain the spacer
spacer Chicken Fried Rice "Fried Rice has never tasted this good!" spacer
spacer Chicken Hurry Up This is a very easy dish to prepare and spacer
spacer Chicken Korma Flavourful Indian dish. spacer
spacer Chicken Pineapple Casserole spacer
spacer Chicken Provolone Simple and tasty! spacer
spacer Chicken Quesadillas Recipe Exchange winner Erin McEwen tells spacer
spacer Chicken Rapini Pasta Toss spacer
spacer Chicken with Amaretto Cream Sauce This is a beautiful dish to serve if you spacer
spacer Chicken with Fruit Salsa spacer
spacer Chicken with Mushrooms/Zucchini/Pineapple Recipe Exchange Winner Holly Casselman f spacer
spacer Chicken-Vegetable Bundles Perfect for cooking on the grill; prepar spacer
spacer Chickpea Salad Quick and easy to whip up on hot days! spacer
spacer Chili & Cheddar Holiday Biscuits Hmmmm...hmmm..good! spacer
spacer Chili Lime Chicken A succulent tangy lime chicken breast w spacer
spacer Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup An Asian twist to an old classic. A del spacer
spacer Chinese Ginger Pork Chops A simple, classic Chinese pork dish. spacer
spacer Chinese Pork Tenderloin "This a very nice pork tenderloin to hav spacer
spacer Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin Sweet and spicy rub for pork tenderloins spacer
spacer Chocolate (Avocado) Dipping Sauce Keeps covered in the fridge for several spacer
spacer Chocolate Brownie Puddle Cake My children just love this cake and it i spacer
spacer Chocolate Cranberry French Toast Festive Brunch Recipe spacer
spacer Chocolate Dessert This make a great Valentines Day Dessert spacer
spacer Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies These swirly cookies combine the flavour spacer
spacer Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova Decadent, light & airy! spacer
spacer Chocolate Zucchini Cake Moist chocolate cake with fresh shredded spacer
spacer Chorizo Stuffed Mini Peppers Sweet mini peppers stuffed with chorizo spacer
spacer Chorizo, Shrimp & Fresh Tomato Pasta A delicious dinner in less that 30 minut spacer
spacer Christmas Coleslaw Down on the farm, no Christmas dinner is spacer
spacer Christmas Morning A delicious breakfast anytime but especi spacer
spacer Christmas Star Salad Great salad for a Christmas party - star spacer
spacer Chunky Pineapple Chicken Kids love this as its not spicy but has spacer
spacer Cinnamon Chicken with Sweet Potatoes A quick flavourful meal of savoury cinna spacer
spacer Citrus and Cranberry Green Bean Salad This delicious salad brightens any plate spacer
spacer Citrus Asparagus with Hazelnut Butter A fresh twist on Ontario asparagus. spacer
spacer CITRUS SHRIMP AND SPINACH SALAD Perfect summer salad! spacer
spacer Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue spacer
spacer Clubhouse Chicken Squares Great as an appetizer or a side dish to spacer
spacer Coconut Shrimp Curry You can make this curry as mild or spicy spacer
spacer Cold Pear Salad A nice light snack or appetizer to suit spacer
spacer Colourful Chickpea Salad This is Mediterranean style salad has it spacer
spacer Colourful Orzo Pasta Salad This light tasting salad is the perfect spacer
spacer Confetti Corn Salad This colourful corn salad is an interest spacer
spacer Cool Cucumber Salad Refreshing and so simple to make. spacer
spacer Corn & Veggie Salad The perfect salad to enjoy local seasona spacer
spacer Country Pot Roast Excellent as a pot roast or done in the spacer
spacer Couscous & Salmon salad A quick and easy salad that is both nutr spacer
spacer Couscous Chickpea Salad A very light tasty salad that goes great spacer
spacer Couscous with Asparagus and Mandarin Oranges spacer
spacer Crab and Swiss Cheese Quiche Quick and easy and oh so delicious. Thi spacer
spacer Crab-Stuffed Baked Fillet of Sole Enjoy fillet of sole in a light, delicio spacer
spacer Cranberries & Brussels Sprouts An impressive tasty side-dish. spacer
spacer Cranberry Apple and Maple Pork Roast Colourful and hearty autumn dish. spacer
spacer Cranberry Cheesecake Tartlets Deborah Duval from Cornwall tells us tha spacer
spacer Cranberry Chicken The chicken is red colored. spacer
spacer Cranberry Chicken Fresh herbs give the sauce a savoury fla spacer
spacer Cranberry Delight A wonderful blend of flavours and colour spacer
spacer Cranberry Roast Pork This recipe is made in a slow cooker usi spacer
spacer Cream of Butternut Squash Soup spacer
spacer Cream of Fiddlehead Soup A delicious soup that takes advantage of spacer
spacer Cream of Haddock Soup Rich and hearty with potatoes. spacer
spacer Cream of Roasted Red Pepper Soup A rich and creamy soup made with sweet r spacer
spacer Creamed Brussel Sprouts A decadent, creamy brussels sprouts dish spacer
spacer Creamy Cucumber & Dill Salad A tasty side dish that combines the fres spacer
spacer Creamy Garlic Pork Chops & Rice A great tasting creamy garlic pork chop spacer
spacer Creamy Lemon Garlic Chicken Chicken breast in a creamy lemon garlic spacer
spacer Creamy Noodles and Ham Bubbly Bake This is a delicious and easy way to use spacer
spacer Creamy Pasta Casserole spacer
spacer Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Linguine Makes 4 servings spacer
spacer Creamy Stuffed Mushrooms These are the best stuffed mushrooms you spacer
spacer Creamy Tomato Vodka Penne A deliciously decadent pasta dish that’s spacer
spacer Creole Pulled Pork Deliciously flavourful, southern-style s spacer
spacer Crisp Apple Salad A low fat ,fresh and crisp apple salad t spacer
spacer Crispy Honey Salmon & Warm kale Cabbage This is a quick easy lunch or dinner an spacer
spacer Crispy Baked Balsamic Chicken A tasty treat for people who love crispy spacer
spacer Crispy Chopped Chicken Salad spacer
spacer Crispy Fried Chicken Excellent for summer picnics too! spacer
spacer Crispy Turnovers Recipe winner Nicole tells us: "In March spacer
spacer Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup Everything you love about a baked potato spacer
spacer Crock Pot Stew spacer
spacer Crockpot Lasagna spacer
spacer Croque-Mademoiselle A quick and delicious snack! spacer
spacer Crunchy Cauliflower and Broccoli Winner Rosanna Esposito from Ottawa tell spacer
spacer Crunchy Gazpacho Enjoy the bounty of your garden with thi spacer
spacer Crunchy Salmon Steaks This dish adds a little flare and crunch spacer
spacer Cucumber Jelly This quick and simple recipe is great wi spacer
spacer Cucumber Layered Greek Dip "Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour. spacer
spacer Cucumber Raita A great refreshing summer side dish that spacer
spacer Cucumber Rolls with Smoked Trout "Superstar Recipe for summer time.", say spacer
spacer Cucumber Shrimp Salad Bliss This salad is sure to be a hit at every spacer
spacer Curried Chicken Salad "Serve either centered on a bed of green spacer
spacer Curried Pumpkin Soup A low cal, high fibre, aromatic, rich, f spacer
spacer Curried Zucchini Soup Makes an elegant appetizer for guests. spacer
spacer Curry Chicken Thighs spacer
spacer Dairy Free Southern Mac and Cheese Easy and tasty! spacer
spacer De-Constructed Cannoli A unique dip for a unique crisp. spacer
spacer Decadent Dessert!! Looking for a decadent and comforting de spacer
spacer Deli Style Coleslaw This is great to take on picnics, to the spacer
spacer Delicious Chocolate Cake Lois tells us that this cake is very moi spacer
spacer Dijon Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Corn Relish This tangy and tender pork tenderloin is spacer
spacer Doc's Baked Ham Doc Winsby tells us that the smell and t spacer
spacer Easy & Delicious Sloppy Joe's spacer
spacer Easy & Tasty Pork Tenderloin An easy and flavourful slow cooker recip spacer
spacer Easy Acorn Squash & Corn Chowder spacer
spacer Easy and delicious fish fillets This is a super easy and tasty way to pr spacer
spacer Easy Asparagus Tart This tart is an easy and delicious way t spacer
spacer Easy Chili This will warm you up on a cold Canadian spacer
spacer Easy Lemon Garlic Salmon Bundles Quick and delicious barbecued bundles of spacer
spacer Easy Meatballs These meatballs are always a hit! These spacer
spacer Easy Mulled Pears These pears are delicious with vanilla i spacer
spacer Easy One Dish Chicken and Vegetables Farm Boy customer Maria says that "the b spacer
spacer Easy Roasted Pork Tenderloin & Veggies Serve with a delicious dessert of halved spacer
spacer Egg and Sausage Casserole A simple, but delicious egg casserole fl spacer
spacer Egg Rolls Ideal as a snack or sidedish to any of y spacer
spacer Eggnog scones A delicious addition to a holiday brunch spacer
spacer Eggplant or Zucchini Parmesan A versatile dish that is delicious hot o spacer
spacer Eggplant Tower Serve as a colourful appetizer or a side spacer
spacer Eggplant with Shrimp A tasty Thai recipe! spacer
spacer Eric's Mega Burgers The finest tasting burgers you've ever h spacer
spacer Eye of the Round BBQ Roast Steve Madely tells us, "A good friend wh spacer
spacer Fabulous Fruit Dip Choose your favourite fruit and dip it! spacer
spacer Fajita Burgers Makes a great alternative to burgers, spacer
spacer Fajita Stuffed Shells This meal is a fun way to dress up any l spacer
spacer Fall Harvest Vegetables spacer
spacer FALL PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE This is absolutely a favourite of my fam spacer
spacer Fantastic Beef Fajitas Fast, easy and tasty! spacer
spacer Far East Burger The perfect blend of beef, flavourful sp spacer
spacer Farm Boy Cauliflower Baked With Curry Easy and delicious! spacer
spacer Farm Boy Greek Pasta Quick and easy. Can be an everyday dinn spacer
spacer Farm Boy Swiss Ham Bake A popular recipe from a Farm Boy flyer! spacer
spacer Farm Boy's Startling Strawberry Salad Strawberries aren’t just for dessert any spacer
spacer Farm Fresh Vegetable Soup spacer
spacer Fast & Yummy Chicken Rice Salsa Casserole spacer
spacer Fast and Easy Pizza Real fast, real easy. Great for after sc spacer
spacer Festive Brie Perfect appetizer to serve guests this c spacer
spacer Feta and Apple Salad A quick and easy summer salad. spacer
spacer Fiesta Layer Casserole Colourful, quick, low-fat and easy meal spacer
spacer Fig-Apple Stir Fry with Chicken Deliciously Sweet and Savoury spacer
spacer Fish Tacos Fish tacos your whole family will love! spacer
spacer Flank Steak with Citrus and Pepper Marinade One of the most popular submissions to t spacer
spacer Flannagan Irish Stew Perfect for a cool autumn evening! spacer
spacer French Mussels Cook yourself a restaurant-style dish wi spacer
spacer French Onion Soup This is a great soup for a cold afternoo spacer
spacer French Roasted Cauliflower A flavourful vegetable side, great with spacer
spacer Fresh Broccoli Salad with Strawberries Great salad to serve in the Spring or Su spacer
spacer Fresh Chocolate Zucchini Cake This is a moist and delicious cake for d spacer
spacer Fresh Corn & Rice Salad Great seasonal salad.
Makes 10 to 12
spacer Fresh Feta Haddock A light recipe with fresh vegetables, ha spacer
spacer Fresh Peach & Raspberry Crisp A delicious, fresh and easy dessert! spacer
spacer Fresh Peach Flan A delicious traditional Peach Flan made spacer
spacer Fresh Pepper Salad Start the year off with a fresh pepper s spacer
spacer Fresh Poached Salmon with Maple Mustard Glaze Served with wild rice, snow peas or aspa spacer
spacer Fresh Salsa Burgers This is quick and easy meal to add texme spacer
spacer Fresh Tomato & Basil Pasta Fresh garden tomatoes and basil in a sim spacer
spacer Fresh Trout with Herbs and Vegetables The most amazing flavour! Fish can be a spacer
spacer Friendly Fruit Salsa This is a wonderful dish for everyday wi spacer
spacer Frosted Banana Bars Easy and tasty! spacer
spacer Fruity Chicken Salad This tasty frited chicken salad recipe c spacer
spacer Fruity Curried Turkey This is a great way to serve leftover tu spacer
spacer Fruity Trifle A special dessert that is a favourite at spacer
spacer Fudge Every time we bring this dessert somewhe spacer
spacer Funky Chicken Try adding 1 tsp of crushed chillies or spacer
spacer Fusion Bowtie Primavera spacer
spacer Game Night Wings Finger-licking good!
I always doubl
spacer Garden Fresh Salsa This mildly spicy salsa is a delicious a spacer
spacer Garden Pasta Salad To make this salad more substantial, you spacer
spacer Garden Supper Casserole Stop, look, and save those leftovers! Co spacer
spacer Garlic and Herb Salmon This can be done in the oven or BBQ. Do spacer
spacer Garlic Dip This dip is so popular, I've been asked spacer
spacer Garlic Mashed Potatoes Yummy, creamy, garlicky mashed potatoes! spacer
spacer Garlic Pork Back Ribs Tender and tasty spacer
spacer Gazpacho A fabulous cold soup for a hot summers d spacer
spacer Gemma's Fresh Green Flat Beans + Tomatoes Flat beans are similar to a green bean b spacer
spacer German Apple Pfannkuchen (Pancake) As we move into the autumn and Thanksgiv spacer
spacer Gillespie Camping Wraps "Such an easy camping or BBQ meal. They spacer
spacer Ginger & Garlic Chicken Stir Fry The key to this recipe is the fresh ging spacer
spacer Gluten Free Turkey Burgers spacer
spacer Grampa Willies Chicken Drumsticks This is a great economical meal that eve spacer
spacer Great Grandma's Stuffing No more dry,boring dressing..with the a spacer
spacer Greek Chicken Bake A quick and easy one-dish meal. spacer
spacer Greek Pasta Salad An excellent salad to bring to pool part spacer
spacer Greek Pork Souvlaki Once Souvlaki are marinated, pre-heat gr spacer
spacer Greek Salad Yummy Greek Salad. Great for any occasio spacer
spacer Greek Shrimp Pasta 15 minutes to cut veggies
15 minute
spacer Greek-style Couscous salad spacer
spacer Green Avocado Cucumber Soup Nothing like a refreshing soup for the s spacer
spacer Green Bean & Red Pepper Salad A quick and flavourful salad - perfect f spacer
spacer Green pepper Quesadillas spacer
spacer Green Salad with Ham, cheese & apples Perfect for hot summer evenings; with no spacer
spacer Greens with Toasted Pecans More and more people are catching on to spacer
spacer Grilled Caramel Peaches Perfect topping for sweet summer ice cre spacer
spacer Grilled Chicken & Red Pepper Spinach Salad Fast, easy, delicious and spacer
spacer Grilled Chicken Asparagus Tired of plain old chicken? The crisp as spacer
spacer Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich with Avocado Mayonnaise A delicious recipe for summer lunches! spacer
spacer Grilled Chicken Mango Honey Dijon Salad Great during the winter or the summer, d spacer
spacer Grilled Chicken, Avocado & Mango Salad Light summer salad perfect for dinner or spacer
spacer Grilled Eggplant Parmesan This is the grilled version of a traditi spacer
spacer Grilled Fruit Skewers Sweet and delicious. Makes a perfect BBQ spacer
spacer Grilled Halibut with Mango Salsa Spice up your halibut with the fresh and spacer
spacer Grilled Italian Sausage with Marinated Tomatoes "This sandwich is a tasty way to serve I spacer
spacer Grilled Lemon Chili Chicken A simple and delicious recipe for chicke spacer
spacer Grilled Mushroom Satays An easy appetizer spacer
spacer Grilled Peach, Mint and Arugula Salad 4 servings spacer
spacer Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon Honey Drizzle spacer
spacer Grilled Romaine Hearts This easy and unique salad complements a spacer
spacer Grilled Romaine with Farm Boy Blue Cheese Dressing These are great hot off the BBQ and serv spacer
spacer Grilled Salmon with an Orange Ranch Sauce This tangy, citrus sauce is the perfect spacer
spacer Grilled Salmon wlith Avocado Herb Sauce spacer
spacer Grilled Shrimp with Warm Avocado-Lime Sauce "Enjoy - you can also substitute yogurt spacer
spacer Grilled Southern Shrimp Skewers spacer
spacer Grilled Steak Pinwheels Delicious beef roll-ups great for the BB spacer
spacer Grilled Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin This marinade is the perfect combination spacer
spacer Grilled Tilapia Fillets with Cucumber & Tomato Salad A simple, delicious and healthy recipe f spacer
spacer Grilled White Fish with Fresh Mango Chili Salsa Place fish in centre of plate and spoon spacer
spacer Guinness Beef Stew A very hearty and tasty stew for a fall spacer
spacer Ham and Broccoli Fettuccine This is an easy (and different) way to u spacer
spacer Ham with Avocado Mango Salsa A quick easy salsa that adds tons of fla spacer
spacer Ham, Pineapple & Cheddar Sandwich A grilled cheese sandwich with a twist! spacer
spacer Harvest Apple Pecan Loaf A delicious apple loaf that celebrates t spacer
spacer Harvest Medley by Melodie spacer
spacer Harvest Pumpkin Soup Velvety smooth with a beautiful fall yel spacer
spacer Healthy Burger Place cooked burger in pita pocket, top spacer
spacer Healthy Mexican Summer Salad A delicious, easy-to-make summer salad, spacer
spacer Helen's Mom's Brie Cheese Appetizer This is a great appetizer. Farm Boy mak spacer
spacer Herb Stuffed Red Peppers These sweet stuffed red peppers are full spacer
spacer Herbed Chicken Suisse Rollup A flavourful alternative to everyday chi spacer
spacer Herbed Prime Rib in a Red Wine Gravy This recipe comes from Karen in Kanata. spacer
spacer Hoagie Bake This easy recipe is great cut into squar spacer
spacer Hockey Night Pasta A quick and easy pasta meal for hockey n spacer
spacer Home Made Veggie Pizza This is a very healthy and delicious pi spacer
spacer Homemade Hamburger Skillet spacer
spacer Homemade Pita Chips spacer
spacer Homemade Pizza Great, nutritious meal. Try it with spin spacer
spacer Honey Cinnamon Apple Crisp This delicious dessert is a favourite wi spacer
spacer Honey Dijon Chicken This is a quick and easy way to prepare spacer
spacer Honey Dijon Salmon Sweet and savoury easy dinner. spacer
spacer Honey Ginger Teriyaki Chicken An easy main dish the whole family will spacer
spacer Honey Roasted Potatoes I have 4 children and everybody loved it spacer
spacer Honey-Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs spacer
spacer Honolulu Chicken Like a sweet and sour chinese takeout di spacer
spacer Hot and Spicy Medjool Date Bites These date bites are a mouthful of sweet spacer
spacer Hot Artichoke Dip A great warm-me-up appetizer or snack on spacer
spacer Hot Crab Dip Quick, delicious and easy to prepare app spacer
spacer Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce Deep fried chicken wings with a deliciou spacer
spacer Hurry-Up Gourmet Pork A complete gourmet meal in 15 minutes fr spacer
spacer Ice Cream Cake A cool summer treat! This cake is extre spacer
spacer Ir-raz-istable Raspberry Pie This recipe is sure to please! spacer
spacer Italian Meatballs Italian-style meatballs with three types spacer
spacer Italian Pizza Egg Rolls Prepare these up to 1 day ahead and keep spacer
spacer Italian Roasted Pork Loin spacer
spacer Italian Sausage One Pot Supper This is a super winter meal and so versa spacer
spacer Italian Veggie and Grilled Cheese Supreme Sandwich A decadent grilled cheese sandwich with spacer
spacer Italiano Veal à la Diana The fresh tarragon and Marsala wine brin spacer
spacer Jalapeño Popper Dip A hot, gooey, cheesy dip with a serious spacer
spacer Janet Penny's Salmon Fillets with Seasoned Fresh Vegetables I try and serve fish once a week. This spacer
spacer Jarlsberg Oven Omelette A holiday favourite for morning brunch o spacer
spacer Kale & Goji Berry Salad Light refreshing salad. spacer
spacer Kale and Peach Salad "A great salad to feature delicious fres spacer
spacer Kale Walnut Pesto "A fresh and very healthy pesto, with al spacer
spacer Karen's Cajun Shrimp Serve in Pasta Bowls or plate adding shr spacer
spacer Key Lime Roast Cook up some yummy summer fun with Farm spacer
spacer Killer Guacamole! Smooth and creamy with a bit of savoury spacer
spacer Lamb Shish Kebabs Great for outdoor cooking! spacer
spacer Lasagna di Primavera/Vegetarian Lasagna This is wonderful when served with a s spacer
spacer Lasagna Style Spaghetti Squash spacer
spacer Late Summer Salad spacer
spacer Leek and Potato Soup Variations: Seafood Chowder

Add t

spacer Lemon Almond Crusted Salmon Nice and light with a tasty crunch. Serv spacer
spacer Lemon BBQ Grilled Salmon Carefully turn the salmon filets over. spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Avocado, Tomato & Chickpea Salad A quick, healthy and fresh tasting salad spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Baked Salmon Lemony roasted salmon, with a little bit spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Basil Mussels If you are a seafood fan, then this is t spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Grilled Vegetables An easy barbecue vegetable dish everyone spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Mussels Quick, easy and tasty! spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Potato Salad A great side dish for a summer BBQ. Serv spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Shrimp Spaghetti Squash In attempt to eat healthier, lighter mea spacer
spacer Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Red Peppers and Swiss Cheese This is elegant and easy - a perfectly d spacer
spacer Lemon Parmesan Asparagus spacer
spacer Lemon Roasted Carrots & Beets Easy roasted root vegetables drizzled wi spacer
spacer Lemon Shrimp Pasta spacer
spacer Lemon Square This is my favorite recipe for Lemon squ spacer
spacer Lemon Squares Made with fresh lemon juice, these squar spacer
spacer Lemon-Blueberry Muffins The lemon gives these muffins a delightf spacer
spacer Lemony Chicken Carole Larose- Corneil tells us that "Si spacer
spacer Lemony Veggie Pasta A fast and healthy meal, using fresh ing spacer
spacer Life is a Peach Smoothie So many kids these days are in braces an spacer
spacer Loaded Nachos Try our famous nacho recipe for Sunday’s spacer
spacer Low Fat Cream of Cauliflower Soup This is quick and easy low fat soup that spacer
spacer Low Fat Fruit Parfaits .. from The Low Fat Cookbook! spacer
spacer Low Fat Rainbow Vegetarian Lasagna This low fat lasagna is a beautiful rain spacer
spacer Macaroni Salad spacer
spacer Madely's Mussels You've heard him on the radio telling yo spacer
spacer Mango and Blueberry Spinach Salad A wonderfully colorful spring spinach sa spacer
spacer Mango Bokchoy Salad Bokchoy and mangos are a great flavour c spacer
spacer Mango Chicken This meal looks exotic, tastes fresh, bu spacer
spacer Mango Curry Chicken Salad Simple and perfect for summer, the curry spacer
spacer Mango Curry Roast Pork Easy gourmet meal that will delight the spacer
spacer Mango Salsa with Pita Chips Delicious and fresh, healthy appetizer o spacer
spacer Mango Shrimp Enjoy the sweet combination of mango, sh spacer
spacer Mango Smoothie Refreshing cool drink that’s super easy spacer
spacer Mango Tango! Bright, zesty - a true taste of summer! spacer
spacer Mango Tilapia Sweet yet tangy, serve with steamed rice spacer
spacer Mango with Feta Salad A light tasting zesty salad that goes g spacer
spacer Maple Apple - Pan Roast Pork Tenderloin Gourmet pan roasted pork tenderloin meda spacer
spacer Maple Balsamic Glazed Pork "A lean and flavourful way to enjoy pork spacer
spacer Maple Balsamic Salmon A delicious marinade with balsamic, garl spacer
spacer Maple Crème Caramel What a sweet way to enjoy fresh local ma spacer
spacer Maple Glazed Apple Stuffed Pork Loin Chops A comforting dish that makes good use of spacer
spacer Maple Peppercorn Pork spacer
spacer Maple Salmon spacer
spacer Maple Spare Ribs spacer
spacer Maple Syrup Baked Beans Makes 6 servings. spacer
spacer Maple Syrup Cheesecake Super moist cheesecake with a maple syru spacer
spacer Maple Syrup Chicken The combination of flavours can’t be bea spacer
spacer Maple, Honey, & Garlic Salmon A lovely tangy-sweet maple recipe for th spacer
spacer Maple-Glazed Chicken Drumsticks Serve with a fresh tossed salad and dinn spacer
spacer Marble Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Scalloped Potatoes Rich and creamy scalloped potatoes made spacer
spacer Marinated Goat Cheese Spread This cheese spread is quick and easy to spacer
spacer Marinated Pork Tenderloin for the BBQ Serve with new potatoes and corn on the spacer
spacer Marinated Portabello Mushrooms This recipe submitted by Farm Boy custom spacer
spacer Marinated Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin spacer
spacer Marvelous Mango Vinaigrette Salmon with Garden Salad This salmon recipe with garden salad is spacer
spacer Meatballs spacer
spacer Mediterranean Mashed Potatoes "A flavour injection into mashed potatoe spacer
spacer Mediterranean Turkey Wraps These tasty wraps are great for lunch, spacer
spacer Memere's Sweet & Sour Ribs and/or Chicken Recipe Exchange Winner Danielle Davis sa spacer
spacer Mexicali Pork Chops spacer
spacer Mexican Beef Dip Delicious with Farm Boy Tortilla Chips spacer
spacer Mexican Chicken This dish is easy to prepare and satifie spacer
spacer Mexican Chicken Burgers spacer
spacer Mexican Dip A tasty dip that will have eveyone askin spacer
spacer Mexican Lasagna On a dull November day, you can almost f spacer
spacer Mexican Pasta Salad This simple versitile recipe is a new tw spacer
spacer Mexican Roll Ups A great appetizer using Farm Boy Salsa! spacer
spacer Mexican Shrimp Pizza A nice light pizza, perfect for a quick spacer
spacer Mexican Veggie Dip This dish is always a hit on a nice sunn spacer
spacer Mexican-Style Oven Roasted Chicken Easy oven roasted chicken that’s juicy a spacer
spacer Michelle's Bow Thai noodle salad A delicious and heart-healthy salad perf spacer
spacer Middle Eastern Macaroni A variation of a Canadian favourite! spacer
spacer Mighty Meatloaf (Low Carb) Recipe Winner Sue Stewart says "Even my spacer
spacer Milkshake Cool off this summer with a milkshake! M spacer
spacer Mincemeat Pie Old-fashioned English mincemeat pies are spacer
spacer Mini Avocado Salsa Potato Bites Makes a great snack or party appetizer. spacer
spacer Mini Brie & Pepper Jelly Phyllo Cups Anytime Appetizer! spacer
spacer Mini Cheesy Meatloaves Quick and easy to make, this comfort-foo spacer
spacer Mini Meat Loaves Perfect and easy to prepare summer dish. spacer
spacer Mint and Coriander Dip or Spread A fresh tasty dip or spread that goes we spacer
spacer Monica's Macaroni Casserole SERVE WITH FRESH BREAD FROM FARM BOY'S B spacer
spacer Moroccan Spice Braised Chicken Deliciously spiced exotic chicken. spacer
spacer Moroccan Spiced Ribs A flavourful rub traditionally used for spacer
spacer Mother's Marmalade This recipe is about 80 years old and is spacer
spacer Mulligatawny Soup A delicious, light, curry-based, medium spacer
spacer Mums Simple Stuffed Green Peppers Farm Boy Recipe Exchange winner Beverley spacer
spacer Munchies Fabulous Farm Boy Salad Christine Wanna and Adel Wanna, owners o spacer
spacer Mushroom Bruschetta Perfect as an appetizer for a party or a spacer
spacer Mushroom Pâté Great appetizer at your next party or ge spacer
spacer Mushroom-Garlic Quesadillas Delicious and unique recipe using shitak spacer
spacer Nifty Potato Balls A tasty, fun way to serve potatoes at an spacer
spacer No Cream, Creamy Asparagus Soup Great tasting soup for all the family... spacer
spacer Nut Loaf It is an easy recipe and wonderful varia spacer
spacer Nutty Fruity Salad All the great fruits offered at Farm boy spacer
spacer Oh So Good Pork Chops Sweet and savory tender pork chops. spacer
spacer Old Fashioned Apple Cobbler Simple and quick. Better than apple pie! spacer
spacer Old Fashioned Beef Stew This beef stew is delicous served with l spacer
spacer Old School Ginger Cookies Soft moist cookies. spacer
spacer One Bite Cherry Cheese Cakes spacer
spacer One-Pot Spicy Shrimp Jambalaya A spicy, tasty, easily prepared Cajun fa spacer
spacer Orange Cranberry Muffins These super simple muffins are perfect spacer
spacer Orange Sunrise Supreme Very eye pleasing and a sure hit to impr spacer
spacer Orange-Glazed Baked Ribs These gooey ribs are too delicious to ea spacer
spacer Oriental Salad spacer
spacer Orzo Salad with Lemon Garlic Shrimp Colourful salad that goes well with gril spacer
spacer Oven Baked Panko Zucchini Fries Flaky, crispy, Italian flavoured zucchin spacer
spacer Overnight Blueberry French Toast Wonderful recipe to serve your guests fo spacer
spacer Pan-fried Salmon with Spinach and Dilled Baby Potatoes A thoroughly delicious lunch or light di spacer
spacer Pan-fried Salmon with Spinach Salad and Dilled Baby Potatoes Delicious as a quick and easy lunch, or spacer
spacer Pancetta Package of Fish spacer
spacer Paprika Shrimp Appetizer An amazingly simple shrimp appetizer wit spacer
spacer Pasta Con Broccoli Other vegetables can be substituted for spacer
spacer Pasta Rapini Bursting with flavour. Serves well at a spacer
spacer Pasta Stuffed Peppers Quick and delicious spacer
spacer Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes & Chevre spacer
spacer Pasta with Greens & Feta Cheese This delicious pasta dish is easy to mak spacer
spacer Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash A hearty vegetarian meal spacer
spacer Pasta With Shrimp & Garlic Sauce A wonderfully easy recipe that comines t spacer
spacer Peach & Brie Crostini The creamy flavour of brie is a great co spacer
spacer Peach and Berry Crisp What a fantastic dish! spacer
spacer Peach Blueberry Pie Wonderful tasting fruit pie! spacer
spacer Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Chewy perfect peanut butter goodness wit spacer
spacer Pear & Cranberry Brie Great starter for your Thanksgiving dinn spacer
spacer Pear & Toasted Walnut Salad This salad is always a big hit with dinn spacer
spacer Pear and Arugula Salad This great summer salad is easy and deli spacer
spacer Pecan Crusted Catfish Delicious panko and pecan crusted catfis spacer
spacer Pecan Torte Simple to make and you will get countles spacer
spacer Penne & Sausage Delicious Comfort Food spacer
spacer Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Cake This is very quick and easy to make. It spacer
spacer Pepper Chicken Breast spacer
spacer Perfect Pot Roast The name of this recipe says it all! spacer
spacer Perfect Soft Turkey Tacos Great meal idea for busy nights! spacer
spacer Pesto Dip In a glass dish this easy and delicious spacer
spacer Pesto Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes A very easy pasta dish that looks like y spacer
spacer Pesto Pita Appetizer Very simple little snack or appetizer th spacer
spacer Pickled Garlic Cloves For something different why not give thi spacer
spacer Pineapple-Avocado Salsa Perfect paired with pork tenderloin or a spacer
spacer Poached Salmon à la Français Claire tells us that the French use salm spacer
spacer Polka Dot Meatloaf Kids love this dish and the leftovers ma spacer
spacer Pomegranate Avocado Salsa Not quite guacamole, not quite salsa. Th spacer
spacer Porcini Pizza Traditional Italian pizza with mushrooms spacer
spacer Porcupine Meatballs This blend of rice and meatballs serves spacer
spacer Pork and Mango Stir fry This is a really yummy weekday meal. Th spacer
spacer Pork Chops with Apple Pan Sauce Quick, easy and delicious pork chops wi spacer
spacer Pork Loin with Root Vegetables Maple syrup coats the vegetables as they spacer
spacer Pork Roast "A delicious seasoning for Farm Boy™ Bon spacer
spacer Pork Tenderloin and Apples in a Beer and Dijon Sauce Delicious cubed pork tenderloin pan-frie spacer
spacer Pork Tenderloin BBQ A great recipe that uses 2 of Farm Boy's spacer
spacer Pork Tenderloin in Three-Peppercorn Sauce Roast or BBQ - easy and elegant spacer
spacer Pork Tenderloin with Prosciutto and Apple Fans A delicious meal prepared with fresh ing spacer
spacer Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon A quick, easy and incredibly delicious d spacer
spacer Pork Tendrloin Pasta spacer
spacer Pork with Peaches Pairing peaches with succulent pork is t spacer
spacer Portobello Mushroom with Chicken Casserole This recipe is easy to make, great to se spacer
spacer Portuguese Cod An easy to make, zesty fish entree. spacer
spacer Prairie Style Tri-Tip Steaks Serves 4 spacer
spacer Prosciutto Wapped Broiled Scallops spacer
spacer Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Easy and Delicious! spacer
spacer Prosciutto Wrapped Salmon An easy and delicious way to add flavour spacer
spacer Pumpkin Chocolate Cake Deliciously moist chocolate and pumpkin spacer
spacer Pumpkin Pie Hummus spacer
spacer QUESO CON RAJAS Melted cheese with tomato, onions and ro spacer
spacer Quick & Easy Roast Chicken A deliciously moist and flavourful chick spacer
spacer Quick Baked Apple Dessert Fast & Easy for the working mom using fr spacer
spacer Quick Dip Great chip or veggie dip! You can add mo spacer
spacer Quick Souvlaki This recipe couldn't get any simpler! spacer
spacer Quick, Easy and Delicious Chicken and Vegetables This will satisfy 2 hearty appetites and spacer
spacer Quinoa Bites Delicious bites great for on-the-go. Ser spacer
spacer Rainbow Trout with Dijon and Mayonnaise "Simple, quick and easy dish to make any spacer
spacer Rainbow Trout with Farm Boy™ Lemon Garlic Dressing A quick recipe that’s super simple and t spacer
spacer Raspberry Pork Chops Tender pork chops in a sweet raspberry h spacer
spacer Raw Beet Salad Nice accompaniment to meals where you wo spacer
spacer Red Pepper Chicken Bites Serve this 30 minute recipe as an appeti spacer
spacer Red Pepper Jelly Chicken Quick, easy and very tasty. I have also spacer
spacer Red Pepper Potato Salad A quick, easy and creamy potato salad wi spacer
spacer Red Potato Salad Dressing can also be used as a vegetable spacer
spacer Red, White & Green Christmas Salad Striking colour combination of the fres spacer
spacer Reggiano Cheese Spread I made this for a dinner party last year spacer
spacer Rhubarb Cake spacer
spacer Rice Casserole Jenny says that this is a great recipe i spacer
spacer Roasted Balsamic Potatoes Delicious aromatic barbecued side dish. spacer
spacer Roasted Butternut Squash Soup spacer
spacer Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Herbs spacer
spacer Roasted Fennel and Sweet Potato with Goat Cheese A unique side dish to bring to a party o spacer
spacer Roasted Garlic & Brie This recipe is delicious and elegant but spacer
spacer ROASTED GARLIC & SWEET POTATO SOUP Delicious! spacer
spacer Roasted Garlic Pork Chops Perfect for Summer Grilling spacer
spacer Roasted Parsnips, Pears & Potatoes A fragrant mixture of roasted vegetables spacer
spacer Roasted Pepper & Goat Cheese Salad A tasty warm salad with the fresh taste spacer
spacer ROASTED PORK TENDERLOIN Excellent tasty meal for all occasions. spacer
spacer Roasted Red Pepper & Baguette A wonderful addition to any meal or as spacer
spacer Roasted Savoury Lamb Chops Succulently roasted lamb chops marinated spacer
spacer Roasted Sweet Potato and Apple Soup Preparation time: 15 minutes. Roasting t spacer
spacer Roasted Tomatoes and Artichokes Serve as a side dish with steak, chicken spacer
spacer Roasted Vegetable Bruschetta The roasted vegetables are also deliciou spacer
spacer Roasted Vegetable Medley A delicious and healthy dish enjoyed alo spacer
spacer Rosemary Roasted Turkey Perfect for the holiday season spacer
spacer Rotini Pasta Salad For a fresh, nutritious salad, you must spacer
spacer Rouladen This delicious recipe serves 6 people. spacer
spacer Rum-Roasted Banana Bread A fragrant, dense loaf to enjoy with tea spacer
spacer Ruthies Baked Macaroni & Beef Makes 4 to 6 servings - 1 serving of 6 spacer
spacer Salmon and Shrimp Chowder A hearty seafood chowder, perfect for co spacer
spacer Salmon Fiesta Salad This light, healthy meal is perfect for spacer
spacer Salmon Fillets Encrusted with Pine Nuts A delicate Asian taste - crunchy tender spacer
spacer Salmon with Honey Mustard Drizzle "A delicious, light meal which looks fan spacer
spacer Salsa & Cheese Omelette A spicy twist to a classic dish! spacer
spacer SALSA VERDE FRESCA A Fresh Green Salsa for your enjoyment! spacer
spacer Sausage & Pepper Grill A family favourite all cooked on the BBQ spacer
spacer Sausage and Salsa Rotini Depending how hot you like it, you can u spacer
spacer Sausage and Sauerkraut A nice warm meal for a chilly night. spacer
spacer Sausage Stir Fry spacer
spacer Sausage Stuffed Peppers Stuffed green peppers. Red peppers work spacer
spacer Sausage Surprise Serve this hearty skillet dinner with Fa spacer
spacer Sausage Teriyaki spacer
spacer Sauteed Green Beans Side Dish Great vegetable side dish. spacer
spacer Sautéed Pork and Vegetables kind of a chinese-food type dish very t spacer
spacer Scallop and Avocado Appetizer A delicious appetizer for a holiday part spacer
spacer Scalloped Potatoes with Smoked Cheddar Creamy delicious potatoes to serve with spacer
spacer Scallops & Linguini Delicious pasta and scallop meal - ready spacer
spacer Scallops with Brussel Sprouts Here is a recipe that is fast, and easy. spacer
spacer Scrumptious Pancakes spacer
spacer Sea Scallops with Tomato Salsa This makes for a great appetizer! You ca spacer
spacer Seared Scallops with Pineapple Tarragon Cream Sauce Delicious! The rich scallops go nicely spacer
spacer Sesame Ginger Asian Noodles This dish will satisfy your craving for spacer
spacer Sesame Ginger Baked Salmon An easy delicious asian inspired baked spacer
spacer Shanghai Casserole Marjorie says this is delicious served w spacer
spacer Shells 'n' Shrimp Mango Salad An interesting recipe using both Farm Bo spacer
spacer Shish Taouk This recipe goes very well with Greek Sa spacer
spacer Shredded Brussel Sprouts This recipe will most certainly win you spacer
spacer Shrimp & Coriander Appetizer This is a wonderful appetizer or you can spacer
spacer Shrimp and Mango Lettuce Wraps "Spicy and sweet, great for any occasion spacer
spacer Shrimp and Scallop Scampi This is an easy weekday meal for the ent spacer
spacer Shrimp Casserole A tasty and easy casserole. spacer
spacer Shrimp Gumbo Spicy Southern gumbo for a cold winter d spacer
spacer Shrimp in Ginger Teriyaki Sauce This dish is delicious with steamed rice spacer
spacer Simple Slow-Cook Stroganoff Recipe Exchange winner Su-Kim tells us, spacer
spacer Singapore Noodles This is a wonderful tasty recipe that is spacer
spacer Slow Cooker Back to School Breakfast The kids are back to school and autumn i spacer
spacer Slow Cooker German Braised Beef A delicious winter comfort food.
spacer Slow Cooker Italian Beef Stew Enjoy on a cold winter evening with fres spacer
spacer Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin Quick and easy to prepare, resulting in spacer
spacer Slow Cooker Ribs Enjoy yummy, fall off the bone ribs made spacer
spacer Slow Cooker Sausage and Veggie Pasta with Meat Sauce This is a delicious, hearty, winter meal spacer
spacer Slow Cooker Tomato Parmesan Soup This soup is so easy, but tastes amazing spacer
spacer Slow Cooker Winter BBQ Ribs! This is a simple easy to prepare rib rec spacer
spacer Slow-Cooker Low-Fat Layered Stew A hearty and yummy stew is one of the be spacer
spacer Slow-Roasted Beef and Ratatouille Makes 6 servings

This recipe
spacer Smoked Sausage and Pesto Pasta spacer
spacer Smoky Back Ribs Brining the ribs makes them more tender spacer
spacer Snappy Green Beans with Basil dip This is a quick, easy and light appetize spacer
spacer Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti Delicious on a cold fall day! spacer
spacer Spaghetti with Garlic Shrimp and Sun-dried Tomatoes Delicious spaghetti tossed with garlicky spacer
spacer Spaghetti With Sausage "Quick and easy Italian dish with sausag spacer
spacer Spiced Baked Ham Perfect for Easter family dinner.
spacer Spicy Apple Chutney Very quick and easy to make. Perfect as spacer
spacer Spicy BBQ Thai Chicken This is a wonderful, spicy dish that I l spacer
spacer Spicy Chicken Curry Serve to your friends on a cold winter e spacer
spacer Spicy Dry Rub Ribs These dry rub ribs fall off the bone and spacer
spacer Spicy Mushrooms with Red Bell Peppers This is a great appetizer or side dish t spacer
spacer Spicy Pork and Pears Delicious spicy pork with sweet, stewed spacer
spacer Spicy Sausage & Olive Appetizer Tasty, quick appetizer for 6. Pair with spacer
spacer Spicy Seafood Cakes Makes 18-20 small appetizer cakes for a spacer
spacer Spicy Shrimp Creole The tender shrimp combined with a slight spacer
spacer Spicy Shrimp Linguine A quick and easy meal. spacer
spacer Spinach & Arugula Crusted Chicken This flavorful topping is not only delic spacer
spacer Spinach and Feta Chicken spacer
spacer Spinach Salad Simple to prepare and delicious spacer
spacer Spinach Sausage Skillet spacer
spacer Spinach Stuffed Chicken A delicious, quick and easy chicken dish spacer
spacer Spinach-Avocado Salad May substitute Strawberries or other fru spacer
spacer Split Pea Mushroom Soup Hearty, healthy and filling. spacer
spacer Spring Asparagus Quiche Great for a spring luncheon! spacer
spacer Spring Shrimp Salad Delicious side dish for any BBQ or serve spacer
spacer Spring Time Spicy Citrus Chicken Serve with mashed potatoes and Farm Boy spacer
spacer Squash soup! A delicious soup! Cooking time longer t spacer
spacer Stampede Burgers Makes 4 burgers spacer
spacer Steak Grilling Sauce Spice up steak with a tasty grilling sau spacer
spacer Steaketti Diane Vallieres from Ottawa Ontario tell spacer
spacer Stir-Fried Beef with Fall Vegetables spacer
spacer Strawberry Dessert This looks good and is easy and quick. W spacer
spacer Strawberry Mango Salsa A fresh and healthy snack made with fres spacer
spacer Strawberry Salad with BRIE Get all your fresh ingredient from ""FAR spacer
spacer Strawberry Salsa This summer twist on traditional salsa i spacer
spacer Striploin Steak with Beef-Tomato Dipping Sauce spacer
spacer Stuffed Bell Peppers Green bell peppers stuffed with ground b spacer
spacer Stuffed Jumbo shells Serve in a bowl with 3-4 shells, sausage spacer
spacer Stuffed Mushrooms Looks and tastes amazing!! Your guests w spacer
spacer Stuffed Peppers Fresh peppers stuffed with a mixture of spacer
spacer Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Cut stuffed pork into medallions using b spacer
spacer Stuffed Tomatoes Amazing side dish for any occasion. spacer
spacer Stuffed Zucchini spacer
spacer Stuffed Zucchini Delicious, light and easy to make. Great spacer
spacer Summer Blueberry Coffeecake Moist, easy to make cake that is full of spacer
spacer Summer Celebration Shortcake! A light, deliciously sweet dessert that spacer
spacer Summer Gazpacho A zesty super summer soup bringing in th spacer
spacer Summer Pasta Salad "Amazing entree or side for a bbq." says spacer
spacer Summer Peach Salsa A simple and delicious peach salsa. spacer
spacer Summer Savoury Peppers This healthy recipe is sure to please fa spacer
spacer Sundried Tomato & Sausage Penne This is a 1-pot dinner that can easily b spacer
spacer Super Fast BBQ Chicken Pizza "Super fast pizza. No need to really kne spacer
spacer Superb Beef Tacos 30 minutes prep time plus marinating tim spacer
spacer Susan's Pork Tenderloin spacer
spacer Susan's Seafood Omelette This Seafood Omelette will make your Sun spacer
spacer Swedish Meatballs Recipe Exchange Winner Marlene MacIntosh spacer
spacer Sweet & Sour Meatballs Very easy to prepare, excellent with mas spacer
spacer Sweet & Tangy Meatloaf This moist and delicious meatloaf is a m spacer
spacer Sweet and Sour Hawaiian Meatballs This recipe is a fun twist on the classi spacer
spacer Sweet and Spicy Orange-Glazed Pork Tenderloin This pork tenderloin dish is moist, deli spacer
spacer Sweet and Spicy Salsa Great combinaton of flavours. spacer
spacer Sweet Honey Lime Tilapia This is a great quick recipe. Even kids spacer
spacer Sweet Potato Burgers Easy meal that can be vegan, gluten, nut spacer
spacer Sweet Potato Casserole Excellent holiday dinner side dish. spacer
spacer Sweet Potato Fritters These little patties are a great appetiz spacer
spacer Sweet Sausages! A delicious way to enjoy Farm Boy sausag spacer
spacer Sweet Tortilla Chips with Ice Cream A sweet and spicy twist to serve Farm Bo spacer
spacer Swiss Almond Spread Easy to make, few ingredients and very t spacer
spacer Swiss Chard & Pasta spacer
spacer Taco Salad A great way for kids to get their veggie spacer
spacer Tangy Fiesta Salad Delicious, refreshing summer salad with spacer
spacer Tasty Chicken Shawarmas A delicious and easy middle eastern taco spacer
spacer Tasty warm chicken pita sandwiches A yummy quick weekday supper that you an spacer
spacer Tender Oven Roasted Ribs Mouth watering, falling-off-the-bones, t spacer
spacer Tenderloin Bruschetta A moist, flavourful and tasty dish...It' spacer
spacer Tequila Orange Shrimp Served with a nice spinach salad or gree spacer
spacer Tex Mex Chicken Casserole Easy weeknight family dinner. spacer
spacer Tex Mex Stew A delicious BBQ flavoured stew with a hi spacer
spacer Texan Style Stuffed Chicken You could do this ahead of time. The pre spacer
spacer Texas Beef For those of us who enjoy a spicy, weste spacer
spacer THAI BEEF SATAY This simple version of a traditional Tha spacer
spacer Thai Pork Tenderloins A very tasty spicy dish with little prep spacer
spacer Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Tired of traditional turkey sandwiches a spacer
spacer The Best Grilled Cheese This is a fast supper on a hot day. Ser spacer
spacer The Big Sandwich A really tasty chunky sandwich, especial spacer
spacer The Perfect Steak Carmen tells us that the best way to pre spacer
spacer The Perfect Steak Serve with baked russett potatoes and a spacer
spacer The Simple Salmon Waldorf "It is packed full of protein and delici spacer
spacer Tilapia and Salsa Bake "A great meal that takes very little tim spacer
spacer Tilapia with Tomatoes and Olives A light, delicious, no-fuss dinner. spacer
spacer Toasted Chicken Sandwich with Pesto Yogurt Sauce Enjoy this delicious and healthy toasted spacer
spacer Tomato & Feta Salad This salad is delicious and all ingredie spacer
spacer Tomato and Broccoli Pasta A pasta dish light enough for warm summe spacer
spacer Tomato Cucumber Salad with Mint A refreshing and simple salad. spacer
spacer Tomato Peach Salsa Vibrantly coloured, this summer fresh sa spacer
spacer Tomato Soup with Quinoa and Feta spacer
spacer Trio of Mushrooms Risotto A beautifully displayed dish! spacer
spacer Trout with Bacon & Grape Chutney Nice light meal perfect for summer. spacer
spacer Turkey Casserole Recipe Winner Walter Kasbey, from Orlean spacer
spacer Turkey Roll-Ups Can use any type of leftover meat you li spacer
spacer Turkey Taco Dip This delicious recipe is a hit wherever spacer
spacer Two Cheese Pizza Easy two cheese pizza ready in less than spacer
spacer Ultimate Chicken Salad! You will love it!!!!! spacer
spacer Ultimate Prime Rib Searing then slow-roasting give the meat spacer
spacer Vegan Banana Oatmeal Muffins Extremely moist muffins with a lot of fl spacer
spacer Vegan Orange Cake The cake has a wonderful orange flavour. spacer
spacer Vegetable Ragout This thick, hearty vegetable ragout make spacer
spacer Vegetable Salad A fantastic salad to go with your BBQ. spacer
spacer Vegetable Soup with Sweet Basil Recipe spacer
spacer Vegetable Stir Fry This stir fry goes equally well as a sid spacer
spacer Vegetables in coconut milk This dish can be served as a main meal o spacer
spacer Vegetarian Baked Chilli Beans Vegetarian/Baked Chilli Beans, with low- spacer
spacer Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce Using only the freshest vegetables from spacer
spacer Veggie Burgers for Meat Lovers spacer
spacer Velvety Chocolate Pudding A luxurious chocolate pudding that can s spacer
spacer Waist-Wise Chicken Enchiladas A high fiber, low fat filling Mexican in spacer
spacer Waldorf Salad A delicious, nutritious side for a weeke spacer
spacer Warm Avocados Nice warm appetizer dish spacer
spacer Warm Chicken and Mint salad It is an easy salad with a Thai influenc spacer
spacer Warm Crab Dip Excellent recipe for any type of occasio spacer
spacer WARM PIZZA DIP spacer
spacer Warm Potato Salad A mix of potato, Greek and green salads spacer
spacer Watermelon Soup A refreshing and nutritious soup that’s spacer
spacer White Chocolate Berry Trife Absolutely delicious and presents very n spacer
spacer White Chocolate Coconut Bread Pudding with Fruit Crispy golden crust with moist custardy spacer
spacer White Cranberry Braised Fennel with Salmon A delicate and naturally sweet complemen spacer
spacer Winter Fruit Salad If too many sugary pies and cakes, or on spacer
spacer Yogurt Marinated Breaded Pork Chops The yogurt marinade tenderizes the chops spacer
spacer Yummy Spareribs This is great served with a tangy spanis spacer
spacer Yummy Greek Pasta Salad Yummy Greek Pasta Salad is perfect as a spacer
spacer Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs spacer
spacer Yummy Nachos Farm Boy Recipe Exchange winner Tammy Ha spacer
spacer Zesty Beef Stroganoff A delicious comfort dinner that is appea spacer
spacer Zesty Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Breasts This is a tasty week night meal with a h spacer
spacer Zesty Lemon BBQ Potatoes Easy BBQ potatoes. lemony garlic mixes w spacer
spacer Zesty Meatloaf Enjoy classic meatloaf with a nice thick spacer
spacer Zingy Chicken Wraps These wraps are a great and easy way to spacer
spacer Zucchini & Banana Flaxseed Muffins Moist delicious great for breakfast or a spacer
spacer Zucchini a la Valentina This recipe can also be prepared with eg spacer
spacer Zucchini Crumble Shhh! don't tell anyone that there is z spacer
spacer Zucchini Pasta in a Light Rose Sauce spacer
spacer Zucchini Patties These cheesy patties are a great way to spacer
spacer Zucchini Soup spacer
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